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This is a picture of a woman looking out at the landscape from the back of a van. After Covid-19 do you need my help to re-address the balance of your life. Are you looking for a counsellor or hypnotherapist in Crawley to help with any stress, anxiety, grief that the pandemic has brought your way, then you do need my help?

Use Counselling Or Hypnotherapy After Covid-19

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Introduction Welcome to my Blog. Use Counselling or Hypnotherapy after Covid-19 for re-addressing life......18 weeks on after the initial Government lock-down related to the Pandemic, we now see many different…
this is a picture of a person washing their hands. because of Covid-19. Are they washing their hands too much? Are you over washing your hands? Is it because you are anxious or stressed about life's uncertainty? Do you need my help? Are you looking for Counselling or Hypnotherapy in Crawley?

After Covid-19 – Re-Addressing Life’s Balance

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Welcome to my Blog After Covid-19 - Re-addressing Life's Balance.  I have always been curious as to what is meant by “life is a balancing act”, or “the balance of…
this is a picture of an old vinyl record whose needle is stuck in the same groove. The record is just like our thoughts which keep playing the same tune. Are your thoughts overwhelming you, stressing you or causing you anxiety? Do you need my help? Are you looking for Counselling in Crawley to help resolve your issues? Then you need my help.

Using Counselling To Personally Develop

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Use counselling to help you to personally develop particularly, if you are "stuck in a groove".   According to the Cambridge Dictionary, it says this means.....to be bored because you are…
this is a picture of a distressed person burying their face and head against their knees. They are sitting alone against a brick wall. They look like they have had enough. Have you had enough? Do you need my help? Are you looking for counselling in Crawley to help with or manage your mild depression?

Counselling For Managing Mild Depressive States

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Counselling can help manage mild depressive states, yet depression itself, according to the NHS website, is more than simply feeling unhappy or fed up for a few days.  Most people go…