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this is a picture of a distressed person burying their face and head against their knees. They are sitting alone against a brick wall. They look like they have had enough. Have you had enough? Do you need my help? Are you looking for counselling in Crawley to help with or manage your mild depression?

Counselling For Managing Mild Depressive States

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Counselling can help manage mild depressive states, yet depression itself, according to the NHS website, is more than simply feeling unhappy or fed up for a few days.  Most people go…
this is a picture of some money and pill medication. do you gamble, work too much, shop too much. Do you need my help? Are you looking for counselling in Crawley to help with your addiction issues?

Counselling Helping Addiction

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ADDICTION – WHAT IS IT? According to the Collin’s English Dictionary, the meaning of addiction is “an inability to stop doing or using something, especially something harmful, i.e. drug addiction…
This is a picture of black and white art and the word "grow". Do you want to "grow" and become a better friend towards yourself, be more compassionate towards yourself. Are you looking for counselling in Epsom to help with sress, anxiety or general suffering.

Using Counselling to Develop Self-Compassion

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Counselling Self-Compassion Self-Compassion is about extending a feeling of compassion towards one’s self in times of perceived inadequacy, failure or general suffering because all human beings deserve compassionate understanding, not…
this is a picture of a pair of scissors. Are you thinking of harming yourself in some way? Do you need my help? Are you looking for Counselling in Crawley to help wit your anxiety issues?

Using Counselling To Help With Anger

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Self-harm is often categorised under the heading of self-injury together with self-mutilation or self-abuse. “Self-harm” is often thought about in terms of specific behaviours, e.g. cutting or burning, but this…