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This is a picture of a person's eyes who show panic. Do you suffer from panic, do you need my help. Are you looking for counselling or hypnotherapy in Crawley to help with fear or panic issues, then you need my help.

Using Hypnotherapy & Counselling To Manage Panic

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USING HYPNOTHERAPY & COUNSELLING TO MANAGE PANIC Welcome to my Blog, using Hypnotherapy and Counselling to manage panic. At the time of writing this Blog, England is in the second…
This is a picture of some brightly coloured spring flowers to represent new hope this year. This blog suggests ways to manage or cope if you are feeling overwhelmed by the Pandemic. However, if you are struggling with symptoms of stress, anxiety, frustration, anger or similar issues and seek Counselling or Hypnotherapy then you need my help. I am an Epsom and Crawley based Counsellor and Hypnotherapist, give me a call

Covid 19 A Glimmer Of Light Brings New Hope

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Covid 19 A Glimmer Of Light Brings New Hope Welcome to my Blog, Covid 19 A Glimmer Of Light Brings New Hope.  The snowdrops and crocus’ have started to push…
This is a picture of a woman looking out at the landscape from the back of a van. After Covid-19 do you need my help to re-address the balance of your life. Are you looking for a counsellor or hypnotherapist in Crawley to help with any stress, anxiety, grief that the pandemic has brought your way, then you do need my help?

Use Counselling Or Hypnotherapy After Covid-19

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Introduction Welcome to my Blog. Use Counselling or Hypnotherapy after Covid-19 for re-addressing life......18 weeks on after the initial Government lock-down related to the Pandemic, we now see many different…
this is a picture of a person washing their hands. because of Covid-19. Are they washing their hands too much? Are you over washing your hands? Is it because you are anxious or stressed about life's uncertainty? Do you need my help? Are you looking for Counselling or Hypnotherapy in Crawley?

After Covid-19 – Re-Addressing Life’s Balance

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Welcome to my Blog After Covid-19 - Re-addressing Life's Balance.  I have always been curious as to what is meant by “life is a balancing act”, or “the balance of…