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Counselling & Hypnotherapy Treatments

I offer a mixture of therapy treatments, namely, an integrative and a solution focused collaborative approach to both counselling and hypnotherapy.   Each therapy session will vary according to the presenting issue, which basically means each client has very individual needs.  Sometimes using a combination of both therapies can often be the best way forwards to obtain the desired positive results.

Counselling  can be many things to many people. For some it can simply be a safe place to voice concerns, for others it can form part of a journey to gain self-confidence. Whilst for some, it may be an opportunity to be reflective, yet for others their thoughts and feelings may be creating turmoil in their internal world and they simply require help unravelling what is going on.  Along the way a client may also seek a set of skills to help them manage with the challenges they face in their life.

Therapy and counselling sessions have become much more common in our lives and for very good reason.   There is so much more going on around us and this can make it difficult to stop, pause and simply take stock at times.  Many more people are open and receptive to this form of therapy because there is much more awareness now of the benefits of spending time in a safe and supportive space with a counsellor.

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Hypnotherapy is often initially related to what you see on TV or the stage, however with an individual treatment there is no ‘showmanship’ involved and you certainly won’t be leaving a session behaving like a chicken!  A variety of techniques are used to bring you to a state of hypnosis which will ultimately assist in heightening an individual’s concentration and helps create the perfect environment to allow that individual to increase their responsiveness in accepting the beneficial suggestions to help make change to their situation or difficulty holding them back.

The treatment I provide is a safe and non-invasive process that allows you to relax and be present with yourself, as in fact you are always in control!  As a result, you are more open to making the beneficial and positive changes to whatever issue has brought you to me.

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