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this is a picture of an old vinyl record whose needle is stuck in the same groove. The record is just like our thoughts which keep playing the same tune. Are your thoughts overwhelming you, stressing you or causing you anxiety? Do you need my help? Are you looking for Counselling in Crawley to help resolve your issues? Then you need my help.

Use counselling to help you to personally develop particularly, if you are “stuck in a groove”.   According to the Cambridge Dictionary, it says this means… be bored because you are doing the same things that you have done for a long time, i.e. “we never do anything exciting any more, we seem to be stuck in a groove or to do something the same way for a long time, so it becomes boring.”

This may give the image of a horse and cart constantly travelling in the same track or if you like, a vinyl record that had a scratch on the album.  The needle would get stuck in the groove and play the same sound and lyrics repeating them time and time again because the arm was unable to find its way to the next groove, it was unable to move to the next groove tone.

Does this sound like you somewhere in your life?  If so would you like to find the next groove tone, in other words would you like to personally develop?

What Is Meant by Personal Development

According to Wikipedia, the free encylopedia, it covers activities that improve awareness and identity, to develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realisation of dreams and aspirations.

Put simply, it is what you do to improve yourself, and your prospects in life – it is the development of one’s capabilities or potentialities involving growth on our mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual levels which allows a person to live a productive and satisfying life.

The Record Is Just Like Our Thoughts

Actually, this is exactly what happens with our thoughts.  Our thoughts tend to keep reiterating the same messages, time and time again.  When this happens, old memories and feelings are summoned and which in turn can prevent or impede us in trying to change.

The replay of these old thoughts and feelings also indicates that we aren’t truly present.  In short it means the past is not dead in these circumstances, but alive and kicking in the present as we continue to replicate the past. This ends up being such a wasteful way to live our lives as we move from moment to moment – wanting for change – but not understanding how to achieve it. The continuous repetition of old thoughts and feelings keeps new experiences at bay.  As well as this, it deprives us of the discovery of new ways of being. The metaphor of “the groove” can be where our fears are usually to the fore, yet if we were to come out of “the groove” we would find self-actualisation appears.

What Are The Benefits Of Personal Development

Personal development is a “process of self-education aimed at enhancing professional skills, employability, quality of life, self-discipline, talent and potential”.  For example, anyone hoping to climb the career ladder or improve their sense of purpose, personal development is invaluable.

Therefore, what fears are you holding on to and which keep you in the same groove tone?  Is there an area in your life where you may feel you are underdeveloped and have yet to reach your full potential or capability.  If so, may be it is time for you to personally develop and find some self-actualisation.

How I Can Help You As A Therapist

If it is then you have come to the right place.  As a psychotherapeutic counsellor and hypnotherapist, and whether these are used singularly or combined, I can offer you the space and support required whilst managing your circumstances, as together we explore the thoughts and feelings that have created that stuck “groove” or fear in your internal world and the belief behind it.   This allows you to have the time to reflect and understand yourself, better and your situation as you are able to identify where this all comes from.    This will allow you to view things in a different more constructive light as your perspective changes.  By restoring balance and regulation back into your life you can personally grow, develop and move forwards in a more positive and confident manner.

Sessions are offered in a safe, calm and tranquil setting whilst offering an environment which is confidential, open, empathetic, congruent (genuine) and non-judgemental warmth.

If I can help you do something about your personal development today, and you are ready to change the “groove tone” by facing your fears, please contact me by emailing or calling 07973 410375 / 020 8873 2843.  I operate from clinics in two locations, Epsom in Surrey and Crawley in West Sussex.

As Oscar Wilde once said, “be yourself, everyone else is taken”

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