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this is a picture of a person washing their hands. because of Covid-19. Are they washing their hands too much? Are you over washing your hands? Is it because you are anxious or stressed about life's uncertainty? Do you need my help? Are you looking for Counselling or Hypnotherapy in Crawley?

After Covid-19 – Re-Addressing Life’s Balance

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Welcome to my Blog After Covid-19 – Re-addressing Life’s Balance.  I have always been curious as to what is meant by “life is a balancing act”, or “the balance of life”.  For if you “balance” one thing with another, or may be several things, then each of those things has the same strength or importance.  But what does that mean in relation to life because I am sure that “the balance of life” has a different meaning to many a person, and will vary according to their different stages of life on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level. Read More