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This is a picture of a woman looking out at the landscape from the back of a van. After Covid-19 do you need my help to re-address the balance of your life. Are you looking for a counsellor or hypnotherapist in Crawley to help with any stress, anxiety, grief that the pandemic has brought your way, then you do need my help?Introduction

Welcome to my Blog.

Use Counselling or Hypnotherapy after Covid-19 for re-addressing life……18 weeks on after the initial Government lock-down related to the Pandemic, we now see many different activities beginning to re-open.  Whilst there may be a “feel” that things are slowly coming back to normal, this is far from the truth because it is really just a new norm that is becoming established……I wonder how or indeed if, this new norm is fitting into your life’s balance and I wonder what it means in terms of the landscape for the wider picture going forwards.

What Is The Landscape For The Wider Picture?

I have chosen the word “landscape” for this blog and the words “the wider picture” as a metaphor relating to the inter connectiveness of all things.  Put simply, the Cambridge English Dictionary says that “a landscape is also a view or picture of the countryside”.  For me that landscape changes dependant upon the conditions prevailing at a particular time or even a place, yet usually if you are in nature looking from a viewpoint you see a much wider span of “the landscape” and of course, its inter connectiveness with the other things around it, i.e. buildings, trees, hills, farmer’s fields, a lake or reservoir, hedgerows and all……you see “the whole”.

If “the landscape” was drawn back closer to home, back to the closer level of one’s life, would you recognise the components that make up the wholeness of it?   In other words, if the components of “the landscape”, namely the trees, buildings, hills, reservoirs and hedgerows etc, were renamed to be our home and its environment, money, work,  diet (food intake), rest and relaxation, relationships (self/family/socially), and of course, our overall health and well-being….. would you only see, and perhaps constantly think, which may even lead to a lot of worry,  “I can’t get a job, or I have lost my job” and just focus all your attention and energy on this one issue, or would you appreciate and see the relevance of its inter connectiveness?  I guess it can be easily recognised that by having a job, earning money allows you to be able to afford a place to live, to have a shelter, to place food on the table and to pay for clothes to cover you, or even to socialise with friends.  Surely, here is the inter connectiveness because if one part requires focus and attention then it ultimately pulls all the components out of balance, and in fact the “I can’t get a job” can become a real source of stress and anxiety for someone, or even panic.  Depending upon how this is handled, it too may sway the inter connectiveness of what happens next.  I mean what occurred in that moment in time, and in what place where you!


After briefly exploring the components that make up “the landscape of the wider picture” and drawing this closer to home, as lockdown continues to ease, going forwards, I wonder what features in your life will naturally change, and what you may choose to change, to make it more attractive.  If you change one part, how will that impact on the rest? and what has to happen to re-address the whole balance?

That is of course, if you choose to change anything at all after Covid-19!  Or is it you yourself that has simply changed your view?

Or is it that you would be wise to seek help and use Counselling or Hypnotherapy after Covid-19 for re-addressing your life’s balance to be able to view the wider landscape.

This is an image of flowers and a butterfly. Do you need help re-addressing the balance of your life, then you need my help to handle any anxiety and stress. Epsom based counsellor offers counselling and hypnotherapy.

How Can I Help You As A Therapist

I offer both Counselling and Hypnotherapy and through a process of collaboration, I can offer you the space and support required whilst re-evaluating your landscape and the wider picture of your own life, in order for you to re-address the balance of it.  In other words, whilst managing your difficulties, circumstances or issues, we can together explore the experiences or turmoil in your internal world.  By restoring balance and regulation back into your life you can grow and evolve moving forwards in a more confident and positive way.

Have the courage and determination to take a positive step forwards right now by contacting me now to use Counselling or Hypnotherapy after Covid-19…..….

Email: or call 07973 410375 / 020 8873 2843

I operate from clinics in both Epsom, Surrey and Crawley, West Sussex

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