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This is a picture of some brightly coloured spring flowers to represent new hope this year. This blog suggests ways to manage or cope if you are feeling overwhelmed by the Pandemic. However, if you are struggling with symptoms of stress, anxiety, frustration, anger or similar issues and seek Counselling or Hypnotherapy then you need my help. I am an Epsom and Crawley based Counsellor and Hypnotherapist, give me a call

Covid 19 A Glimmer Of Light Brings New Hope

Welcome to my Blog, Covid 19 A Glimmer Of Light Brings New Hope.  The snowdrops and crocus’ have started to push up through the earth as nature realises it is time to start creating once again.   Covid-19 a glimmer of light brings new hope, and a little leap in one’s heart in what has been a challenging third “lockdown” for many, and also a reminder that things will pass and there will be a better year ahead.

At the time of writing this Blog, the BBC website says “more than 10 million people in the UK have received at least one dose of a Coronavirus vaccine”.  The headlines go on to say that the vaccine chief is “optimistic” about the over – 50’s May goal.

Statistics are also showing that in general people are looking after themselves a lot less.  Perhaps this is due to the colder weather and darker days, of Winter, albeit the days are also showing signs of beginning to get longer too.   Maybe it is simply that working at home people are moving from bed to chair to work and then to their sofa to relax in the evening before returning to bed and the cycle starts again the next day!

Whilst there is new hope ahead, it still doesn’t take away the heartache that many have suffered a bereavement from losing their loved ones.  Whether it is through this, a similar situation, or just having to stay at home.  Either way, have you asked yourself “how am I really coping and how is my mental health?”

How Are You Really Coping?

If you are experiencing thoughts of being in a confined space, perhaps feeling trapped, claustrophobic, isolated or even alone, or maybe you have reached a point of having had enough of being in a third “lockdown” which has given rise to feelings of frustration, agitation, or even anger, or maybe you have experienced anxiety just through tolerating the uncertainty of a new way forwards, or Covid-19 has meant you have had breathing difficulties now, or is it all interfering with your sleep pattern, to name just a few issues.  These are just a few situations which may have arisen during this phase of the pandemic, but then on the other hand you maybe feeling quite content, happy, joyful or accepting of the situation just as it is.

Wherever you are at, below are a few ways you may like to consider having a go at to help you manage or cope, or to even be considered as simply being part of your day.

Notice How You Are Breathing – Practice Calming Breaths

How are you breathing right now?  Practicing some calming breaths will help slow your breathing down.  This means that you breathe out for longer than you breathe in, for example, begin with breathing in for a count of 2 and out for a count of 3.  When your breathing has settled or eased a little, increase the count to breathing in for a count of 3 and out for a count of 4 or 5.  Over time increase this to breathing in for a count of 4 and out for a count of 6, or find your own ratio to fit in with your own lung capacity.

Bring Yourself Back To Present Moment Awareness

When you get carried away in the imagination of your mind and lost in your thought process, or if you find you are having a more anxious or stressed time, then frequently stop and pause to feel what  is real around you.  Your body is always in the present moment.   You may like to let out a calming breath first by coming into your body and then noticing up to five things around you, such as feeling your bottom on the chair and feeling your feet on the ground, notice the window, wall or door or even nicer still notice plants or trees.  Simply take a pause to notice the reality of life as it is right in that moment.  Notice sounds i.e. cars going past or people talking or notice smells around you.  Soften into the space around you, such as the room you are in.


Get to know this word as it can be used as a mantra when you begin to feel any symptoms in your body, (and you probably know these, for example, a racing heart, shallow breathing, sweaty palms to name but a few).  Then do a reality check by:

UUnderstand – Understanding the biology of stress can significantly enhance the effectiveness of therapy

C Check Reality – Anxiety and stress tend to go on a roller-coaster, causing panic and confusion.  If you step back, take a few deep breaths and assess the situation, you can bring your mind and body reactions back in tune with reality

OOrganise Thought – Once you have assessed the situation you can organise your thoughts in to a positive and constructive solution-led pattern

PPrevent Pressure – As you come back into the reality of the situation and take stock, the pressure you felt will start to become less and you can mentally prepare your course of action

EEngage With The Environment – Panic over, you can get on with the task before you.

Practice This Visualisation:

From a comfortable laying or sitting position, imagine in your minds eye that you are looking up at a lovely blue sky on a warm summer’s day.  Just let yourself relax, let your mind drift.  Let your thoughts take shape and then fade away without even analysing them or trying to control them.

Imagine now that you place your thoughts on clouds in the sky.  Put negative thoughts on black clouds, neutral thoughts on grey clouds, positive thoughts on fluffy white clouds.  Let the clouds drift off into the distance leaving your mind focused on the clear blue sky.

Float through that sky, and again, whenever any thoughts come into your mind, place negative ones on black clouds, neutral ones on grey clouds and positive ones on fluffy white clouds.  Let the clouds drift off into the distance.

With your mind focused float through that sky.  Feel yourself as boundless, open and free as the clear blue sky and freer of the thoughts that you were incurring.

If you find that your mind gets stuck on a thought or you drift off, bring your mind back gently to imagining yourself lying or sitting from your comfortable position looking up at the sky and start again.

Practise for 5 – 10 minutes, if you have the time.


 Play Some Music Or Play Some Music, Sing And Dance:





 Open Some Windows, Listen To The Birds Singing










And Take A Couple Of Deep Breaths.  If The Sun Is Out Enjoy That Too! 






Do Ten Minutes Of Yoga.  Sessions Can Be Found On Line







Go For A Walk, Taking In Your Surroundings To Appreciate The World

Although, if the Pandemic is leaving you feeling stressed, anxious, frustrated, angry, confused,  panicky, overwhelmed, unable to cope, uncertain about your future or may be feeling you require some inner strength or courage to make change to name but a few things, then you have come to the right place.

How I Can Help

I am an Epsom and Crawley based Counsellor and Hypnotherapist who can help you gain understanding of your situation by giving you the support and space to be heard whilst exploring your thoughts and feelings surrounding this challenging time, and the dilemma or concern it may have caused you and help you seek clarity, or see your situation from a different perspective.

Sessions are offered in a safe, calm and tranquil setting whilst offering an environment which is confidential, open, empathetic, congruent (genuine) and non-judgemental warmth.

Take that first step now by giving me a call ……

Belinda:  07973 410 375 / 020 8873 2843

After all, Oscar Wilde said “Be yourself, everyone else is taken!”

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