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Hypnosis appears to be a buzz word right now as it continues to grow in popularity. Although many people are still very skeptical about how it works and are often concerned or slightly worried they may, say, end up strutting around clucking like a chicken, just as you would see if you watched a group of volunteers being hypnotized on a stage.

However, most of us have hypnotized our self at some point.   You will know what I mean if you have ever been driving and after a while realized you actually can’t remember certain aspects of your journey, even though you arrive safely at your destination.  This would be classed as a hypnotic state.

Even the British Psychological Society have an article about how it is proving increasingly useful to psychologists and neuroscientists as it grants new insights into mental processes and medically unexplained neurological disorders.

To read more about research studies on the efficacy of hypnosis regarding some issues/conditions click here:

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