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Dealing with anxiety blocking in EpsomConsider this…….we arrive kicking and screaming into the world, vulnerable with little to fear, apart from a dependency to be fed and loved.    It is from here we start to separate from our primary carers, as we explore and venture out into the world to live, grow and nurture a desire to perhaps reach our potential.  Our fear may remain with us but what definitely stays, as part of a healthy physical and emotional being, is the need to feel included and loved and not isolated from society.

This may sound a good idea as long as we are nice to others, stay focused on where we want to be and what we want to do with our time here.  How come we all at some point get into behavioural pattern(s) which in variable amounts of time become counter productive or maybe even destructive. 

How many times in life do you sit and procrastinate about the things you have not got time to do rather than simply getting on with them,   Many people can spend time making excuses, perhaps complaining about themselves or about life itself.

I wonder if you have ever asked yourself why?  What would I have to lose?  What is holding me back, is it a fear of change, a fear of success or a fear of failure……..or do you simply want to say to yourself………..“get a grip”.

But then, what is it you are really “avoiding”, or not dealing with, what emotional skeleton are you concealing, or are you simply covering up the fear of facing the truth about yourself, or someone else you love.  Have you learned to”avoid” the world out there to be experienced and enjoyed by learning avoidance as a coping mechanism.

Stop procrastinating

The ability to stop procrastinating, avoiding enjoyment of your self and of what life has to offer, lies with you.

If you feel ready to accept change, and are you capable of moving on by making a solid decision to change and commit to the process of making a transition, which will allow you to feel a greater sense of empowerment, then I can help you.

As a therapist, I have helped many clients break free from their fixed thought patterns and attitudes behind the behaviours which have keep them reacting in a pre-conditioned way.  Their  unconscious mind has continually tried to protect them by playing out the same tune to resist change, leading to many reasons why they do not enjoy themselves.

I do this by offering you the space and support required whilst managing your issues as together your thoughts and feelings that have created this turmoil in your internal world, are explored.   This all allows you to have the time to reflect and understand yourself better and your situation as you are able to identify where this all comes from.    This will allow you to view things in a different more constructive light as your perspective changes.  By restoring balance and regulation back into your life you can grow and move forwards in a more positive and confident manner.

Speak with a therapist

For this to happen, I use counselling and hypnotherapy, singularly or combined, as sessions are offered in a safe, calm and tranquil setting whilst offering an environment which is confidential, open, empathetic, congruent (genuine) and non-judgemental warmth.

I may also help you with simple practical tasks, such as prioritising tasks and  breaking them down into manageable bite sized chunks that are attainable, whilst also supporting you with the motivation you require.

Now consider this…… day you will be lying on your death bed.  How will you feel?  Will your mind be full of thoughts of experiences, of things you have done, people you have met, places you have been, people you have loved, helped or cared for, or will it be full of regrets instead of experiences?

To literally “avoid” this happening, if I can help and make a change in your life, please contact me by emailing or calling 07973 410 375 or 020 8873 2843.  I operate from clinics in both Epsom in Surrey and Crawley in West Sussex.


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